Ciana Anita Kalokomaika’imaikalanimai Lee


Ciana Anita Kalokomaika’imaikalanimai Lee is an artist, performer, special events coordinator and teacher who works out of Long Beach. Lee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Education.
Earning this degree from California State University Long Beach allowed for her to become trained in the many modalities and mediums of artistic process paired with a strong foundation in educational philosophy. As an Instructor, she is fascinated by the process of guiding others toward self-realization through structured skill development, collaboration, encouragement and catharsis.
She is a firm believer in public art, and has facilitated installation of murals in Long Beach. In her visual work she explores the movement of story and color through surreal portraiture and abstracted environments with oil and acrylic paints. Her work has been exhibited at El Comalito Gallery, Cerritos College, the Art Expo Center, Midnight Gallery, and the University Art Museum amongst others.
As a performer she pays homage to her Hawaiian and Aztecan lineage through elemental fire ceremony. She is the co-founder of Primal Element, which brings flow arts workshops to special events and facilitates sacred fire dance in various spaces.
Ciana teaches pre-school with Maple Village Waldorf Academy, is a mixed media/ceramics instructor with EngAge at the Long Beach Senior Arts Colony, the Arts Curatorial Partner at WeLabs and a Special Events/Programs Coordinator with the artists alumni association FA4 Collective.