Artist Statement

I am an educator, special events coordinator, performer and artist who is fascinated with how we fill and transform the environments we exist in. Science has proven that everything emanates its own electromagnetic frequency. I believe myself to be a catalyst, and that I have the power to initiate transformation or witness the existence of others in their element. This is something I seek to express through my work. As a teacher I directly observe the educational potential I have to initiate growth and learning in the mental development of a student. Through painting and mixed media, I see the way light and color vibrate alongside shadow, combine it with my vision and create a reality that expresses story and movement. Elemental fire dance empowers me to move flames throughout a space and offer homage to my indigenous Hawaiian and Aztecan ancestors, thus activating the air and land. I am fascinated by this world and am honored to explore the many languages by which I can tell stories about it.